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Marine Services & Outboard Motor Sales

Authorized Dealer Services

Miles River Marine is an Authorized Dealer for warranty and other service and repair work for:


Authorized New Sales Dealer for Tohatsu Outboard Engines


Miles River Marine is an Authorized Dealer for new sales of Tohatsu Outboard Engines. Tohatsu is Japan’s oldest outboard manufacturer. They have been producing high quality, durable outboard motors since 1956. Tohatsu Outboards have a 5 year warranty. Their ocean-tested engineering enables Tohatsu engines to work under the most demanding conditions, and makes Tohatsu one of the toughest, most reliable engines on the market today.

Marine Services


We specialize in mechanical, electrical, and other services and repairs of outboard powered vessels. We also service jet skis.  We will provide onsite service calls during normal business hours.

Boat Pressure Washing  (Please call or message for pricing)

  • Every vessel which was been moored in the water will need to be pressure washed to remove growth, barnacles, and hard water stains
  • Vessels with excessive growth will need to be billed time and material

Boat Bottom Painting (Please call or message for pricing)

  • Previously painted hull:
    • Includes hull preparation
    • One coat of the same color Interlux ablative paint
  • Unpainted hull:
    • Includes hull preparation
    • Priming the hull
    • Two coats of interlux ablative paint
  • Barrier coating and paint removal/stripping will be priced by the job

Boat Detailing (Please call or message for pricing)

  • Service includes compounding, waxing, and detailing the entire vessel
  • Boats requiring gelcoat restoration and/or excessive compounding will be quoted by the job

Boat Fiberglass Repair

  • Please call to discuss the project and required services


Boat Refinishing & Boat Restoration Services

  • Please call to discuss the project and required services

Click on the links for information about our Spring Commissioning, and Winterizing, Shrink Wrap, and Boat Storage services.