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Winterizing, Shrink Wrap & Storage



Miles River Marine’s Winterizing service ensures that your boat is properly prepared for its off-season rest, and that it is protected against cold and harsh winter weather.


Due to the many different types of motors and propulsion systems available today this service is billed on a time and materials basis.


Winterizing Service Includes the following:

  • Stabilize Fuel System
  • Run and Flush Motor with Fresh Water
  • Drain Engine Blocks and Exhaust Manifolds of Water (if applicable)
  • Flush Antifreeze Through Motor and Exhaust
  • Change Engine, Gear Oil, and Transmission Fluid
  • Spray Motor with an Anti-Corrosive Protectant
  • Lubricate Fittings and Cables
  • Disconnect Batteries


Shrink Wrap Service

  • An individual bracing system is constructed for your boat
  • Desiccant bags are installed to combat moisture and condensation
  • The plastic is then cut and fit to your boat
  • The material is heated to shrink and insure a tight fit around the boat
  • Vents are installed to promote air flow


Shrink Wrap Pricing – (Please Call or Message for Details)

Boat Storage Service (Please Call or Message for Details)

  • Boat is stored in a secure location
  • Storage Cost is based on square footage of the boat (This includes trailer tongues and bow pulpits etc.)
  • Storage service is for six month periods only
  • Space is limited and offered on a first come first serve basis


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